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The mission of New Horizons Medical Institute is to provide allied health educational programs that are responsive to diverse students and communities and that will lead to careers in the allied health field. The objectives of New Horizons Medical Institute are to: * Provide academic instruction to promote fulfillment and the best opportunity to acquire marketable skills that can be utilized in the healthcare industry. * Provide work-force skills training through occupational programs. * Provide basic skills educational and student services programs to help students become successful learners. * Establish partnerships with businesses and governmental entities as well as other educational institutions to advance employment development * Improve the quality of life for students and communities through learning and academic achievement. * Prepare students with the skills to function effectively in the work place. * Anticipate and prepare for challenges by continually assessing and prioritizing programs, services, community needs and, * Seek the resources required to function effectively.

NHMI's Accreditations

We are approved by the following prestigious organizations:

Academic Programs at NHMI

Offered at both the Main and Branch Campuses The Patient Care Technician program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare the graduate to become a patient care technician. Graduates will receive training in patient health care to include EKG, cardiac circulation and blood pressure monitoring, phlebotomy and venipuncture skills. Students will learn skills in patient care assisting patients in attaining and maintaining maximum functional independence, while observing patient rights, as well as those needed to pass the National Certification for Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and EKG Technician.

Offered on Main Campus only – Norcross The Ultrasound Technician program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare the graduate to become a registered ultrasound technician. Students will learn skills in patient care as it applies to ultrasound techniques, while observing patient rights, as well as those needed to pass the requirements to become a registered ultrasound technician. The training program begins with instruction in techniques and requirements to allow the student to also gain Medical Assistant skills and certification eligibility (first 9 weeks). The goal for the MA position of the program is to prepare students to begin working in the industry as a MA long before the completion of the UT portion of the program and ARDMS registry readiness, to also create an allied health team professional who is well rounded and can provide overall patience care.

Offered at both the Main and Branch Campuses The Medical Assisting (MA) student will be trained to perform at a minimum entry level in positions normally available in a medical facility such as physicians’, chiropractors’, or podiatrists’ offices and clinics.  The program provides the MA with entry-level theory and limited “hands-on” training in basic and routine clinical and office tasks. This will equip the MA with the competencies required to perform in either a clinical or office capacity. The graduate will be able to assist in EKG, X -ray procedures, first aid, and phlebotomy.  He/She will be able to perform clinical procedures, preparing the patient for physical exams, and assisting the physician with other exams. The MA may help the physician with minor surgical procedures and can sterilize and care for instruments. The MA possesses a thorough understanding of health-related ethics and other business principles that bear on the practitioner’s relationship with the patient.

Offered at both the Main and Branch Campuses The student will be trained to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions including: vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles and blood culture specimen collection on adults, children and infants. Emphasis will be placed on infection prevention, proper patient identification, proper labeling of specimens, and quality assurance. Students will be taught specimen handling, processing and accessioning. The testing performed will include: manual hematocrits, Urinalysis dipsticks, fecal occult blood, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and pregnancy testing. Upon successful completion of the following two courses the student will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam.

Offered once a month at both Main and Branch Campus This course covers core material such as adult, pediatric, and infant CPR, one and two rescuer scenarios, and use of bag valve mask, foreign body airway obstructions, AED, and barrier devices. The Heartsaver First Aid course teaches choking for adults and children. Students will also learn how to manage illnesses and injuries in the first few minutes before professional help arrives. Course completion cards are issued for successfully completing a written and skills exam following American Heart Association guidelines.

  • LPN/RN NCLEX Review
  • Dialysis Technician Review for Certification testing
  • Pharmacy Technician Review for Certification testing
  • Diagnostic Sonography Review and Scan Practice
  • IV insertion training

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NHMI Admissions

The admissions procedure is based upon a free exchange of information between the applicant and the school.  In cases where the applicant is applying to the school directly from high school, the applicant’s high school counselor may be consulted.  Education representatives conduct a personal interview with each applicant before any decision is made regarding enrollment.  During the interview, the representative will discuss the school’s programs and the applicant’s career goals.

A  School Director will review each applicant file for indication of high school graduation, high school diploma, GED or transcript from an accredited post-secondary educational institution for acceptance.  If the applicant is not accepted for a desired program, an alternative program may be suggested.  Any applicant refused for admission will be notified within seven working days.  Any fees paid with the application will be fully refunded.

The following requirements and procedures are established by New Horizons Medical Institute for admission:

  • Visit the school
  • Complete the entrance interview with the admission’s department
  • Complete the admission’s package
  • Complete the financial arrangements prior to the class start
  • Sign the enrollment agreement

All applicants enrolling in a certificate program are admitted as regular students.

All prospective students are required to take the TABE Test. Each program has a different minimum score.

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