Pharmacy Technician


MTY 101: Medical Terminology Lec: 36/Lab: 00/Ext: 00 The basic medical terminology course provides the framework needed before advanced medical terminology. It focuses on the components of a medical term and how to break down a term by simply knowing the prefix or suffix. The objective of this course is to learn the basic rules and elements of the medical term and to learn the medical terms related to the body structures.


MAP 201: Medical Anatomy and Physiology Lec: 32/Lab: 00/Ext: 00 This course will provide students with a foundation to recognize medical terms using the four word part approach (prefix, word root, suffix, combining vowel). Emphasis will be placed on improving written and oral communication skills pertaining to medical terminology. This course is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of basic anatomy, physiology and pathology for the major body systems. Students will be introduced to each of the major body systems; structure, function and disease of each system will be presented. Discussion about disease prevention, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities will also be included. Prerequisites: None


PHR 101: Introduction to Pharmacy Lec: 16/Lab: 20/Ext: 00 The student will receive an overview of the qualifications, operational guidelines, and job duties of a pharmacy technician.  Topics include definitions of a pharmacy environment, the profile of a pharmacy technician, legal and ethical guidelines, job skills and duties, verbal and written communication skills, professional resources, safety techniques, and supply and inventory techniques.


PHR 102: Pharmaceutical Math & Drug Dose Calculation Lec: 30/Lab: 26/Ext: 00 The course includes reading and interpreting and solving calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs.  Conversion of measurement within the apothecary, and metric systems with emphasis on the metric system of weight and volume.  Teaching & learning will include ratio and proportion percentage, dilution and concentration, milliequivalent, units, intravenous flow rates, and solving dosage problems.


PHR 103: Pharmacy Drug Therapy and Treatment Lec: 30/Lab: 30/Ext: 00  The student will learn therapeutic agents, their classifications, properties actions, and effects on the human body and their role in the management of disease.  The student will learn detailed information regarding drug therapy and treatment.  This will provide the detailed information regarding drug dosages, side effects, interaction, toxicities and incompatibilities.  Prerequisite: None


PHR 104: Pharmacy Ethics and Procedures Lec: 30/Lab: 00/Ext: 00 This course introduces the student to laws that govern pharmacies as well as good ethical practices.  Federal and state laws and legal and ethical constraints involving technician and pharmacists in a variety of settings is discussed. This course will cover the Law and Ethics of Pharmacy, which include the Food and Drug Act, the 1970 Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, and other modern-day drug legislation.  The course will also focus on collecting, organizing, screening, and evaluating information/payment and prescription documentation pertaining to the patient, in the professional aspects of working in pharmacy technology. . It will cover customer health records as well as determining counseling requirements in accordance with the laws and ethics that apply to pharmacy operations. Also stresses the management of inventory within the pharmacy. Prerequisite: None


PHR 105: Intravenous Admixture/Sterile Compounding Lec: 00/Lab: 30/Ext: 00 Intravenous Admixture & Sterile Compounding:  The student will master the skills for compounding sterile products and intravenous admixtures.  The student will be introduced to sterile products, hand washing techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, references, safety techniques, aseptic techniques in parenteral compounding, proper use of equipment, (syringes, needles, auto injectors, pumps), preparations of sterile products (intravenous, irrigations, ophthalmic, total parenteral nutrition, and chemotherapy drugs), and safe handling of antineoplastic drugs.  Prerequisite: PHR 102 and PHR 103


PHR 106:  Pharmacy Technician Certification Review Lec: 15/Lab: 15/Ext: 00 This course covers pharmacy technician registration and certification, including professionalism and communication in the pharmacy setting.  This class will provide the necessary information to prepare students to sit for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. This course will review major topics covered on the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination; including (but not limited to) pharmacokinetics, drug names, drug interactions, dosages and possible side effects of drugs, pharmaceutical calculations, aseptic techniques, tasks/duties of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, applicable pharmacy law, and ethics. Prerequisite: PHR 101-PHR102-PHR103-PHR104-PHR105


EXT 107 Pharmacy Technician Externship Lec: 00/Lab: 00/Ext: 130 This 130-hour course is considered on the job training.  It is designed to provide the student with supervised, practical hands-on and observational experiences in the working pharmacy.  Students will be expected to gain experiences in either a hospital pharmacy or a community (retail) pharmacy.  Students will gain exposure to “on-the-job” experiences and training in the pharmacy setting and practice of skills, gaining experiences in all aspects of drug preparation, and distribution utilized by participating sites. Prerequisite: All PHR Course’s Completed